Gearing devices generally used in transmittin motion
between two axes which are operating neither in
parallel nor intersecting each other are worm gears,
hypoid gears and screw gears of which worm gears operate in line contact.


Gearing devices generally used in transmittin motionbetween two axes which are operating neither inparallel nor  intersecting each other are worm gears,hypoid gears and screw gears of which worm gearsoperate in line contact while the others in pointcontact. Because of its line contact, a worm gear has supe-riority in road capacity, even though the  contact areaof a hypoid gear has been widened by the latesttooth cutting method.

On the  other hand a worm gear has a defact to havea high relative sliding rate at its contact point. Nevertheless, a higher load capacity and efficiencyare expectable in an Hourglass Worm Gear, becauseof its unique interlocking condition which enables, ashas been proved in hydrodynamics, output of a higherpressure in a given oil film, through a specially design-ed relative curvature of tooth face at contact pointand sliding direction.


Characteristics of WORM GEAR

1. Increased Simultaneous Iterlocking
Number of teeth interlocking at a time may be more than
tripled as compared with a cylindrical wormgear.

plana worm reducer

2. Improvement in Contact-Line Position
A contact-line position, or a contact area can be improved by
way of changing an inclination angle of a worm tooth.
Fig.3 shows a good contact area.

3. Reduced Size & Weight
As is shown  it Fig. 4, the size of a wheel may be made
smaller by about 30% as compared with acylindrical worm gear,
resulting in considerable reduction also in weight.

plana worm reducer

4. Grindability
The teeth surfaces both of a worm and, a worm wheel
may be ground.

5. Reduction in Pressure on Unit Surface
As is explained in the above, pressure on a unit surface
is decreased, resulting in reduction of tem-perature rise
and wearing.

6. Requires no Correction
In conventional hourglass worm gears, including  both Hindley
type and Lorentz type, correction is required to obtain a proper
contact area, while in Hit worm gears, a proper contact area is
obtainable with no correction required.Further, a Hit worm gear
has an adquate entrance clearance, resulting in high reliability
against burn.

7. Durable Bearing
Ball-and-roller bearings are used in our standard models and
they are designed to be sufficiently strong in meeting any demands
by out customers.Special considerations are also given to a sealing
device to protect bearings from dusts or any other foreign materials.

Dimensions of Models

Type of shaft arrangement – model NTD

Model- NTD
Model- NTD_2

Type of shaft arrangement – model NTU


Type of shaft arrangement – model NTV


Specification of it’s model

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