A planetary reducer refers to a gear system in which one or more
'planet' gears rotate around a central 'sun' gear.
Typically, a planet carrier is driven by the input torque
which rotates the planets around a fixed outer ring.


■ Miniaturization
Size has been miniaturized to make the most of characteristics
of planetary reducer.

■ High reliance and resistance
Our distinctive structure and through quality control make
high reliance and excellent resistance.

■ Variety of types
With consistent block design types are various to get
multiform use.

■ High efficiency
The reducers of high efficiency meet contemporary requirements,
and can be used for medium speed equipment, having the
same efficiency.

■ Low noise
Precision tooth has minimized noise.

■ Simple maintenance and Check up
Reducers can be disassembled in blocks for easy repair and checkup.


■ Gears

  • The gears are manufactured by the most modernized facilities andthrough quality control to give high precision teeth. Teeth are madeof crom-molyboden, and Q.T. executed internal tooth and otherteeth carbonized make long service life.

■ Base plate / Case / Cover

  • Made of Ductile case iron to give impact resistance and durability.

■ Bearings

  • Highly qualified could bearing reduces vibration noise and stirring resistance, and guarantee long time performance.
structure of planetary reducer

■ Output Shaft

  • Q.T. executed crom-molybden gives high resistance against impact load and over-hang load.

■ Input Shaft

  • Both of concentric shaft and eccentric shaft can be manufactured.

■ Carrier

  • Made of SCM steel giving intense structure and connected to a subsequent gear.

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